Engineered Connections

Taper-Lok® & CofferLokTM Connectors

Our Engineered Connection Systems provide the solutions to chronic problems associated with standard ANSI and API flange connections. Applications for our connectors include offshore topsides/hulls, subsea risers, subsea and onshore pipelines, downstream petrochemical/refinery, aerospace and heat exchangers.

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Heat Exchanger Covers and Tubesheets

Permanently eliminate leaks at the welded diaphragm

Whether you are designing a new build exchanger or need to retro fit an existing one, Taper-Lok® seal rings on the channel cover and tubesheet are the superior choice. Our customers can typically save up to $400K each planned shutdown for each exchanger. Customers can also potentially save $Millions in lost production during unplanned shutdowns due to less cost for parts, service and less days of downtime.


Connector Benefits

Engineered connector benefits include: Leak-free reliability, weight/space savings, external loads, quick assembly, cost savings, misalignment capability and use in high pressure/temperature applications.


Subsea & Risers

Diver-friendly, Taper-Lok swivel and weld neck flanges can come with a spherical nose configuration on the male flange, which allows for 2-3 degrees of misalignment. Installs up to 75% faster than API flanges


Topsides & Hulls

With weight savings of up to 80% in comparison to ANSI flanges, our engineered connection systems can typically save up to one million lbs.on offshore floating platform topsides.


Petrochemical & Refinery

Our Engineered connectors have metal seal technology that thrives in critical services where standard ANSI or API flanges tend to have leak issues.  If leak-free reliability is important in severe applications with erosion/corrosion and/or high pressure/temperature processes, then Taper-Lok and CofferLok connectors are a must.


Connector Selection Chart

Choose the best connector for your project based on critical factors that are important to your specific process.