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Dating back to the 1970’s under our Forged Vessel Connections (FVC) brand, Ameriforge is an industry leader in the manufacture of Vessel-Connecting flanges. Commonly referred to as “long weldnecks” these flanges offer an integral, reinforced solution that greatly reduces the costs associated with “built-up” pipe and re-pad solutions. FVC nozzles come in Heavy Barrel, Variable Body, Full Body, and Q-Lip configurations.

FVC carries a vast inventory of finished parts, forgings, and raw material in a wide range of material grades. This inventory, along with quick turn production capability allows us to provide short lead-time deliveries.

As a fully integrated manufacturer with expansive, in-house forging, heat treating, and machining, testing capabilities, we control every-step of production which allows us to ensure quality and timeliness of our product.

Product Types

Long Weldnecks (LWN):

Our LWN is a basic standard flanged connection. This seamless product offers a nominal bore as well as a heavy wall thickness, making it ideal for highly corrosive applications.

Finished products

Heavy Barrel Neck (HB):

Our HB neck furnishes more integral reinforcement than the corresponding size LWN which is accomplished with a thicker barrel neck section.

Large HB Nozzle Up Close

Full Body (F Nozzle):

Our FVC type “F” body connection provides the most reinforcement among the standard connections. The barrel O.D is the same as the flange O.D.

Coated F Nozzle Up Close

Variable Body (V Nozzle):

Our FVC variable body connections provide more integral reinforcement than an HB neck without the added cost of a custom forging or the added cost and weight of an F nozzle. V nozzles also provide a wide variety of standard barrel thicknesses to meet any application. They are provided in V1, V2, and V3 configurations.

Multiple V2 Nozzles Up Close

Q Nozzles:

Our Q type attachment can be provided on any style FVC connection, and can be manufactured to allow a butt weld attachment for the nozzles with either radial or tangential orientation. The Q nozzle makes weld examination easier and allows radiographs of nozzle to vessels welds to be interpreted more accurately.

Q Nozzle

Studding Outlets:

FVC studding outlets provide a bolted, lighter connection requiring less material and a compact profile for integral reinforcement. This connector can be provided in flat or contoured bottoms.

Studding Outlet Image