Forged Products

Forged Products

Our extensive, diverse range of forging assets allow us to offer a broad range of products, shapes, and sizes including complex component designs. From simple blocks, discs, rings, and cylinders to parts made with customer-designed dies, Ameriforge can cover any request. Call us to learn how we can provide you with high-value, cost-effective, timely forging solutions. Among our most common forged products are:

Forged Components

Our sophisticated forging equipment allows us to offer a broad range of products, shapes and sizes including complex component designs. Call us to learn how we can provide you with high-value, cost-effective, timely forging solutions. Among our most popular forged products are:

General capabilities are:

  • Open-die tooled shapes up to 16,000 lbs.
  • Hollow forgings up to 52” and 10,000 lbs.
  • Shafts and linear forgings up to 24” X 88” and 10,000 lbs.
  • Disks smooth forged up to 62” diameter and 12,000 lbs.
  • Rectangular blocks smooth forged up to 16,000 lbs.

Product & Capability Highlights

Commodity Forged Flanges

Ameriforge is able to provide a full range of ANSI/ASME/API forgings for flange products in a variety of material grades. Whether you need a large quantity of parts for your inventory, or a few pieces on a quick delivery for a project, we are able to utilize our variety of forging assets to provide different solutions for you and your customers.

Custom Designed Flanges

Have a part that isn’t covered by industry specifications? Send us your drawing, or call one of our sales reps who can help engineer and produce a product to fit your need. No design is too large or too small.

Open Die Forgings

Large parts, heavier weights, non-standard designs; if you are in need of forgings that require large pressing, Ameriforge can forge a wide-array of products that simply cannot be cast or made in a near-net die. With weights up to 20,00 lbs, we can provide a nearly endless variety of blocks, disks, rings, cylinders, or other shapes to provide you for finishing.

Closed Die Forgings

For high-volume, repetitive parts that require a near-net precision to minimize your finishing and machining costs, Ameriforge has you covered. We have in-house assets which allow us to provide fully integrated solutions to you: from the design of the die, to the forging and heat treatment of the part.


We offer block forgings in sizes of up to50” long in any given direction, and weights up to 16,000 lbs. Blocks can be provided in the as forged and heat treated condition, or with additional machining provided.


Our ring sizes range from 19-in. to 110-in. outside diameter, 10-in. to 95-in. inside diameter, and 3-in. to 26-in. thickness (height). Discs range from 12-in. to 90-in. outside diameter, and blocks range from 6-in. to 24-in. Weight capacity ranges from 200 lbs. to 8,400 lbs. We also offer custom profiled or contoured ring products such as gear, sheave, wheel, and flange forgings that provide a more cost-effective weight with less machining time.

Forged Fittings

Seamless Forged Tees, Laterals, and Wyes

Commodity Cushion tee forgings and laterals


Rolled discs are available in weights up to 18,000lbs. Dimensional capabilities range from 85” Max OD, 27” Min OD, and thicknesses ranging from 3” to 11” max thickness.

Material Grades

Carbon Steels

A/SA A105/N
High Yield (A694-F42,52,60,65,70)
1045 (G10450)
A707 L3/L5

Low Alloy

4330 Mod
AA522 Grade I
API 60K & 75K



Austenitic Stainless

A182-310 (H,S)
A182-F6A CL.2 (410ss)

Duplex & 6-Mo

A182-F51/60 Duplex Stainless (2205)
A182-F53 Super Duplex– (2507)
A182-F44 (S31254 “254SMO”)
A182-F62 (N08376 “AL6XN)

Nickel Alloy

Alloy 20 (F20)
Alloy 200/201
“Monel” 400
Alloy 600
Alloy 601
Alloy 800/H/HT
Alloy 825
“Hastelloy” C276
“Hastelloy” C22