Forged Connectors and Components

Our sales associates are specialists in connecting you with the exact forged product you need, when you need it. We manufacture a wide array of standard and specialty flanges, forgings and rolled rings, as well as castings for the general industrial and oil and gas industries. We operate multiple forging operations around the world to bring you a diverse portfolio of products using closed die, open-die, and pot die forgings as well as seamless rolled rings of nearly every size and material grade.

With a history spanning more than 100 years, our expertise assures product integrity. Our responsive and knowledgeable sales associates excel in customer service and stand ready to connect you with the ideal product.

We understand that product failure is not an option and have implemented a globally recognized quality program that is certified to the ISO 9001 standards. Our domestic approved flange line is manufactured in the U.S. to assure high quality. Our products are readily available and supported by reliable teams dedicated to helping you select the right product—or engineer the right component—while providing you with on-time delivery.



Standard flanges

We offer commodity flanges from the trusted brands you’ve come to know, including Ameriforge, Coffer, Texas Metal Works, and Forged Vessel Connections in both raw forgings and finished flanges. Manufacturing quality is assured through our in-house A2LA accredited testing lab, machining services and extensive heat-treating facilities.

Domestic approved flange

Standard Connections

Specialty Flanges

Our forging capabilities mean we can provide the correct solutions for your challenges, including various sizes, squared and contoured rings or large-block forgings. With quality control that includes in-house forging, heat-treating, machining, drilling and contouring, we can accommodate all sizes and alloys.


  • ½-in. to 72-in. diameter
  • Pressure class 150 to 2,500 psi
  • Multiple facing configurations


We provide an array of rolled rings tailored to meet your needs and to deliver maximum fatigue resistance and superior toughness. Our radial/axial ring mills yield a smooth product with concentric, tight tolerances that reduce weight and machining costs. They are readily available in sizes from ½-inch through 15-ft. diameter with a maximum weight of 20 tons.


Forged Components

Our sophisticated forging equipment allows us to offer a broad range of products, shapes and sizes including complex component designs. Call us to learn how we can provide you with high-value, cost-effective, timely forging solutions. Among our most popular forged products are:

Standard Shapes More Complex Shapes
Custom-engineered forgings Specialty connections
Blocks Full-body flanges
Shafts Studding outlets
Discs Q-type attachments
Spindles Heavy wall tees
Plates Laterals
Hubs Wyes
Sleeves Caps
Cylinders End caps
Orifice flanges
Riser assemblies
Tube sheets
Self-reinforcing nozzles
Swivel flanges
Taper bore nozzles

General capabilities are:

  • Open-die tooled shapes up to 16,000 lbs.
  • Hollow forgings up to 52-in. and 10,000 lbs.
  • Shafts and linear forgings up to 24-in. x 88-in. and 10,000 lbs.
  • Disks smooth forged up to 62-in. diameter and 12,000 lbs.
  • Rectangular blocks smooth forged up to 16,000 lbs.