PumpLink is a pressure pump control system designed to improve operational efficiencies and reduce maintenance costs. Empower field personnel by equipping them with comprehensive job information and the ability to monitor and control pumps both locally and remotely. PumpLink provides control of pumps with automated, real-time, and historical data on pump performance. Multi-language and multi-unit options are available for international operations.


Engine and Transmission Control

  • Local and remote control of the engine and transmission
  • Supports J1939 and analog control
  • Auto-warmup option to bring engine up to operating temp on startup
  • Overspeed testing for air inlet shutoff
  • Cummins Regen compatible

Maintenance Reporting

  • The sensor data can predict service levels based on real wear-and-tear calculations. Maintenance reports assist with decreasing downtime and maintenance costs.
  • Maintenance hour logging and reporting
  • Real-time diagnostic reporting from the engine and transmission provide up to date information on the state of your equipment and support J1939 and J2012 diagnostics
  • Diagnostics trouble codes can be captured, filtered, displayed, logged, and reset

Safety, reliably, and consistently.

  • Over-pressure kickout monitoring via both well-head individual discharge pump pressures send pump to a neutral idle state
  • Instant idle based on channel alarms prevent unsafe operating condition that could cause injury or damage
  • Pump strobe indication when pump is in a forward gear

Engine Idle Management

  • Reduces fuel consumption by detecting excessive idle time
  • Notifies operator and shuts down engine automatically

Automated Greaser

  • On and off cycle options including timer, pump cycles or greaser cycles
  • High pressure detection and shutoff
  • Low grease alarm

Boost Pump Control

  • Boost pump control available from both the pump HMI screen as well as from MPC in the data van

Fan Control

  • Multi-temperature control
  • Automated proportional fan control to keep engine at optimal operating temperature

AFEX Fire Detection/Suppression Support

  • Provides notification of detected fires to the pump HMI and MPC operator
  • Allows option to activate fire suppression system from both the pump enclosure and from the MPC in the data van

CAT DGB (Dynamic Gas Blending)

  • Automatically enables DGB mode and requests a gas substitution of up to 85% so the engine can operate at an optimal diesel and natural gas blend
  • Allows unit to run with operational fuel efficiency and provides cost savings
  • Available for both Tier 2 and Tier 4 CAT engines

CAT EIRS (Engine Idle Reduction System)

  • Detects the EIRS state and notifies user of pending engine shutdown and startup events
  • Allows for shutdown and startup overrides
  • Auto shutdown to preserve fuel during idle times
  • Auto engine start to maintain optimal system temperatures and battery voltage

CAT DTOC (Dynamic Transmission Output Control)

  • Interfaces with CAT ASTM (Automated Stall Test Mode) for performing automated pressure tests
  • Interfaces with CAT ASC (Automated Speed Control) to allow operator to automatically control flow rate
  • ACS with economy mode optimizes fuel efficiency

CAT PEMS (Pump Electronic Monitoring System)

  • Interfaces with the PEMS add on product
  • Monitor and view of pump data and diagnostics

Aftermarket Support

From critical field repairs to scheduled maintenance, we get you up and running fast. Our unsurpassed onsite service and tools for preventative maintenance assure your equipment performs optimally. We promise a response that sets an industry standard-because we believe service is the most important component of everything we do.