DuraPax™ Mobile Power Solutions

The world is working to reduce ecological impact and carbon emissions. Our clients are challenged to find flexible and ecological power solutions to convert methane to power while minimizing annual operational costs and footprint in a wide range of applications—from oil and gas and petrochemical, to mining and general industrial, and beyond.

Our DuraPax™ mobile power system offers a better, more environmentally-sound solution. Featuring a modular design, the DuraPax remote power generation unit provides scalable power for oil and gas field applications, petrochemical, mining, general industrial and emergency power needs—and virtually anywhere remote power is needed. Combined with our AMI automation package, this system helps operators maximize operational control and increase productivity.


Automation and Control

Our AMI Controls & Analytics team provides advanced automation and controls turnkey solutions for a variety of industries, including automotive, process controls, transportation, telecommunications, oil and gas exploration and drilling, and fuel cell testing. With more than 1,500 control system deployments in over 10 countries, our AMI products reliably perform in the harshest field conditions.

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Efficiency and Longevity

Time is money. The DuraPax unit builds efficiency into every job—the unit can achieve full power in 10 seconds after start-up. Using generator output at 480v, the system is able to transform up or down to specific voltage requirements. The DuraPax system is designed for continuous run time—up to 750 hours before maintenance is required. And using scalable logic means there’s no wasted fuel.

Cleaner Power

The trailer-mounted DuraPax system reduces emissions, exceeding EPA requirements by as much as 75% at full load. Using zero diesel, the system runs on marine-grade hydraulic fluid and can operate as low as 85.6 decibels, reducing carbon footprint and sound pollution. With a power density output of 51.26 kw/m 2 (or 3.6mw/unit of power), economically-friendly does not mean less intensity.

Simple Installation & Maintenance

Due to its flexible design, the DuraPax system requires minimal rig-up time and no crane picks are required. The entire system is built for rugged use and no foundational preparations are required. Maintenance is less complicated and cost-effective. Specialized technicians are not required and replacement parts and fluid are readily available.

The DuraPax mobile power solution develops

full 480v output 10 seconds
after startup

so you can get busy faster.

DuraPax units run on

60 to 100 psi propane
or natural gas

(vs. turbine applications at 535 psi),
so you have simpler fuel requirements.

Aftermarket Support

From critical field repairs to scheduled maintenance, we get you up and running fast. Our unsurpassed onsite service and tools for preventative maintenance assure your equipment performs optimally. We promise a response that sets an industry standard-because we believe service is the most important component of everything we do.

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