AMI Controls & Analytics

Serving global industry with customized solutions


AMI Controls and Analytics serves specialized industries with operational control and remote monitoring using a cloud-based analytic suite that is tailored to each application. These unique AMI solutions rely on our integration of control, monitoring and analytic expertise with the broad-based industrial manufacturing strength of AFGlobal. Teaming with industry-leading customers, we have deployed more than 1,500 control systems in some of the world’s harshest conditions. 

Our advanced technology and expertise assure safety, efficiency, and flexibility for every sized project in industries as diverse as mining, transportation and process control.



All the options for an optimal system

We are problem solvers. From small to large deployments, our advanced systems and expertise help you examine all the options and deploy the optimal system for achieving operational and economic goals.

Easily integrates with existing equipment 

Our control, monitoring and analytics systems are easily integrated with other industry controls, so you can improve operations without a total rebuild. And as your needs grow, our solutions ensure an effective, efficient upgrade.

Enable predictive maintenance to cut costs and downtime

Improve operational insights and response, while reducing demands on personnel. In distributed field operations and large facilities, AMI technology can significantly enhance safety, efficiency and productivity, while easy access to historical data enables predictive maintenance that cuts costs and downtime.

Management tools for excellence

Create new opportunities for efficiency and safety. AMI control, monitoring and cloud-based analytics suite ensures the management team has the tools to fully understand and optimize operations.

AMI Solutions


In oil and gas, AMI’s FracCommand suite is the premier control, automation and analytics technology for the extreme demands of hydraulic fracturing.

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