DuraStim® Hydraulic Fracturing Pump

The challenges of executing multi-well pad completions with triplex and quintuplex pumps have come to an end with a fundamental advance in pump technology designed specifically for continuous duty hydraulic fracturing. Our revolutionary DuraStim® 6,000 HP hydraulic fracturing pump is a far-reaching change in pump design and performance that dramatically lowers the cost of ownership while greatly improving operational performance.

Durability and reliability are keys to performance on the pad. Built for the extreme demands of long duration, the DuraStim pump revolutionizes high pressure hydraulic fracturing. The DuraStim technology redefines the frac pump with abroad set of innovations. The results are game changing from every perspective:

  • Fully automated, electric long stroke (48-in.) pump, featuring low frequency (~20 cycles per minute), and eliminates high cycle rates that quickly destroy the fluid ends of conventional plunger pumps
  • Provides more than twice the horsepower of a conventional pump unit in the same footprint
  • Electric motor prime mover eliminates the burden of Tier 4 diesel emission standards, and greatly reduces noise pollution


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Innovative Design

The long stroke, low frequency DuraStim pump is comprised of six individual pump units and fluid ends driven by a constant speed 6,600 VAC motor and four hydraulic rotary pumps. The design is enabled by computerized synchronization, control, and automation that closely orchestrates the pump’s operation and response. The DuraStim pump is the industry’s first variable displacement frac pump. Its pump rate is determined hydraulically, in contrast with conventional fracturing pumps where engine speed and gear ratio determine rate.

Aftermarket Support

From critical field repairs to scheduled maintenance, we get you up and running fast. Our unsurpassed onsite service and tools for preventative maintenance assure your equipment performs optimally. We promise a response that sets an industry standard-because we believe service is the most important component of everything we do.

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