BlenderLink is a blender control system designed to improve job efficiency through accurate and quick achievement of desired slurry mixes on a well stimulation job.

Operators are equipped with both local and remote responsive controls that support rapid attainment of specified concentrations. In local control, the operator can manipulate each of the control parameters directly from the blender panel. In remote mode, the blender is controlled from screens centrally located in the data van. In auto mode, the system controls the desired parameters using PID control loops.


Automated and Manual schedule control

  • Auto and manual concentration control of liquid additive chemicals, dry add chemicals, and proppant
  • Responsive tub leveling through automated suction pump PID control
  • Volume totalizers for each step and stage of the job
  • Redundant touch screen display at the blender to allows for easy viewing of data and control

Engine and Transmission Control

  • Manual control of hydraulic and discharge engine with optional software-driven discharge transmission control
  • Real-time engine and transmission diagnostic reporting provides up to date information on the state of the equipment
  • Diagnostics trouble codes can be captured, filtered, displayed, logged and reset

Densitometer Calibration

  • Densitometer calibration support; provides support for calibrating Vega, ThermoFisher, and Berthold densitometers

Fan Control

  • Options for proportional or discrete fan control
  • Automated proportional fan control to keep temperature parameters within optimal operating temperature
  • Automated discrete fan control to prevent control temperature from exceeding max temperature

Advanced Greaser

  • Advanced greaser available with configurable timer cycles to prevent over greasing

Serial Data IO

  • Serial IO data streaming is configurable to share rates and emulate third-party output data

Aftermarket Support

From critical field repairs to scheduled maintenance, we get you up and running fast. Our unsurpassed onsite service and tools for preventative maintenance assure your equipment performs optimally. We promise a response that sets an industry standard-because we believe service is the most important component of everything we do.