NRG Technologies Showcases DuraPax Mobile Power Solutions at Thrive Energy Conference in Houston, February 24‐26

Houston, TX – February 22, 2021 – NRG Technologies, an AFGlobal company, today announced that it
is showcasing its DuraPax™ Mobile Power Solution at this week’s Thrive Energy Conference, taking
place February 24‐26, at Minute Maid Park in Houston, TX.

DuraPax Remote Power Generators are specifically designed to provide environmentally‐sound
power generation. Initially deployed at fracing sites, the modular and mobile DuraPax units run
natural gas inputs through gas‐reciprocating engines to produce up to 3.6 MW of power per trailer, in
10 seconds or less after start up.

Beyond fracing sites, DuraPax units have also been deployed at petrochemical plants, mining sites
and general industrial plants. Today, the mobile units are available to bring immediate power to any
location ‐ including municipal power plants, industrial co‐gen plants, hospitals and any other location
that needs immediate power.

One of the main advantages of a gas‐recip power generator like DuraPax is its ability to provide
incremental electricity immediately. DuraPax units can start/stop quickly and they can operate at
partial loads, which is particularly useful in areas with high shares of renewable electricity generation
from wind and solar. DuraPax units can help electric transmission grid operators match fluctuating
power requirements and restore power immediately after major winter storms, summer heat waves,
or hurricanes.

“The storms last week all across Texas highlighted the need for flexible and reliable backup power
that can be deployed in a moment’s notice anywhere it’s needed,” said Kyle Reppond, President of
NRG Technologies. “We’re looking forward to showcasing the DuraPax mobile units this week at the
Thrive Energy Conference. We want government organizations, hospitals and larger industrial
facilities around the globe to know about DuraPax, because it can provide an important complement
to power grids that rely on renewable energy sources.”

NRG Technologies/AFGlobal can be located this week in space P26 of
the outdoor exhibits or in the Company’s accompanying suite inside
Minute Maid Park at the Thrive Energy Conference. Anyone seeking
immediate information on DuraPax can contact Brandon Strew at
713.454.3753 or visit‐technologies/durapax‐mobile‐power‐solutions/, or‐us/.