Oil and Gas Market

AFG Holdings aligns well-established precision engineering with evolutionary innovation. The result: reliable solutions for some of the most difficult challenges in the oil and gas industry. As an integrated supplier, our unique approach combines conventional OEM processes and technology with unconventional thinking, bringing you dependable answers and establishing faster ways to find the best solutions.

Our technologies and products not only reduce downtime but mitigate risk, providing a series of cost- effective solutions that enable ROI more quickly than expected. We bring these to you packaged intelligently and delivered alongside truly involved customer service.

Our portfolio offers a range of systems and technologies for the onshore and offshore segments of the industry. Our next-generation Active Pressure Drilling systems increase safety, efficiency and flexibility in the dynamic offshore environment.  And our proprietary engineered connections and subsea fabrication technologies provide connectivity from the topside to subsea.

For land-based operations, we offer a range of pressure pumpinggas compression and infrastructure products, backed by superior service support.