Subsea Fabrication

Increasing Subsea Production with Safe and Efficient Subsea Environments

Commitment to safety in all aspects of subsea operations is always a top priority. AFGlobal has the ability to streamline activities, maintain costs, and create a more efficient subsea environment. We design and manufacture products for subsea production that meet or exceed your vital need for safety, high performance, quality and environmental protection. Our engineered products have been tested to operate in the deepest, hottest and most corrosive subsea production environments. As a vertically integrated manufacturer, AFGlobal can provide turnkey solutions from design through manufacturing and final testing, and all phases in between.

Playing a key role in advancing global subsea technology, our products function efficiently and durably in harsh environments and long-distance locations. Each product offers a range of capability, material and safety options, depending on engineering and service requirements. Our design team, manufacturing group, and quality control specialists ensure that the subsea equipment is built right the first time, on schedule, and on time.

Our fabrication and manufacturing capabilities provide access to a complete line of subsea equipment and products including:

  • Subsea moorings
  • Driven piles and suction piles
  • Mud mats
  • Manifolds
  • Risers
  • Supply chain
  • Buoyancy cans
  • In-line subsea sleds
  • Mid-line subsea sleds
  • Tie-in subsea sleds
  • PLETs and PLEMs
  • Piles

Our in-house design capabilities allows for ease in adaptability and enables us to directly support the comprehensive fabrication needs of our subsea clients—from OEMs to installers to end users.

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