In order to meet growing demand for cleaner energy, we continually search for new ways to help achieve reduced emissions—for our clients and our environment. We support innovative, sustainable technologies, driving energy efficiencies in our own operations and those of our clients.



Solar Powering Your Operations

In partnership with Verditek PLC, AFGlobal offers optimal light weight solar module technology suitable for a wide range of oil and gas applications. As we all move towards cleaner energy solutions, these unique panels will help our oil and gas clients realize their carbon reduction goals and implement renewable strategies.

Verditek solar panels are the ideal renewable solution to power many different types of oil well operations, especially in remote areas. Whether your needs include infield power for a variety of production needs or accommodations and portable power, let our experts help you find the right solar solution to fit your needs.

Manufactured in Europe, using lightweight flexible polymers to replace the standard glass and aluminum frame, these solar modules enable the sustainable solar generation for almost any application.

This solar technology is uniquely suited to address your requirements in harsh environments, including extreme temperatures and motion. Ideal applications include:

  • Offshore platforms and drilling rigs
  • Onshore well pad sites
  • Remote accommodations
  • Portable power needs
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