L-Series RCD

Land Rotating Control Device

Whether the task is containing connection gas or drilling a high-pressure MPD section, our L-Series RCD is designed to help confidently control your onshore well. From seal element to latching cylinders, the L-Series RCD maintains a leak-free seal between the annulus and the drill pipe. The seal diverts returns during drilling and stripping operations to ensure integrity of the operation and rig crew safety.

The advanced bearing design and internal dynamic seals extend the life of the bearing, resulting in fewer bearing assembly replacements and less non-productive time (NPT). The unique bearing design enables the client to take full ownership of bearing maintenance and servicing by empowering the rig crew to perform redress operations at the rig. In turn, this eliminates the need for specialized technicians, significantly reducing the life cycle cost of the L-Series RCD.

RCD Elements

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