Land and Shallow Water Managed Pressure Drilling

Managed pressure drilling projects require careful balancing of costs when adding functionality, redundancy, or increasing rig specifications to meet requirements. We work to achieve this delicate this balance so that closed-loop operations are attainable across the full spectrum of drilling projects.

Our Performance Drilling package for land and jack-up operations puts the advantages of a closed-loop circulating system in the hands of the crews who use it every day. We make closed-loop operations a practical reality for drillers, delivering the benefits of active pressure management while maximizing efficiency and reducing complexity. Our extensive experience in engineering, operations, and manufacturing has produced the optimal tools for the task, with the driller in mind. Our return flow-control manifolds are purpose-built to satisfy varying operational requirements within a rig fleet. Our innovative RCD and bearing designs provide the driller with a high performance, compact solution that delivers lower OPEX over the life of the tool. Our premium elastomer products ensure durable, high-quality sealing elements for your RCDs

Performance Drilling Manifold

Tier I MPD Manifold

Tier II MPD Manifold

Rotating Control Devices (RCD)

L-Series RCD

J-Series RCD

Elastomer Elements