Diverless Connections

Better Connected

Build the right subsea connections for your unique application with our field-proven Retlock® clamp technology. Developed with inherent design flexibility, our diverless connections allow for a single system to be used across the entire field, installed with the same tooling and work-class ROVs for a more cost-effective solution. Able to connect mono- and multi-bore, they are engineered for both conventional and high-pressure/high-temperature developments in both shallow water or deepwater.

Beyond subsea, we also provide onshore and topside connection solutions for all applications. Our proprietary Taper-Lok® and CofferLok™ high-integrity connectors are engineered to provide an optimal sealing solution. And we work to reduce your time in resourcing the right solution by connecting with our experienced engineering and project management teams for any field requirement.


Retlock® Clamp Connector

Stinger Deployed Diverless Connector (SDDC)

Diverless Maintained Clusters (DMaC)

Flowline Type Connector (FTC)

Virtus™ Multi-Purpose Connector (MPC)

Virtus™ Vertical Type Connector (VTC)


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