Crushable Foam

Well integrity is paramount over the life of the well. At AFGlobal, our crushable foam products use precision-engineered syntactic foam designed to reduce annular pressure. Backed by our extensive history and track record in the field, these proprietary products help preserve the environment, increase drilling safety by protecting the crew and by mitigating casing collapse due to thermal expansion of trapped fluid in the casing annulus.

As wells are being completed in increasingly deeper and colder environments, our C-TECH crushable foam addresses annular pressure buildup issues related to extreme temperature wells.

C-TECH crushable foam tackles problems encountered in high-temperature oil wells related to annular pressure buildup. If needed, multiple grades of C-TECH foam can be added in the annulus at different depths, allowing the engineered foam to crush just below the specified pipe strength limits. C-TECH is syntactic foam with precision-engineered properties tailored for extreme wellbore conditions. Placed inside the annulus, the foam crushes at pressures and temperatures just below the pipe strength limits, thereby relieving stress on the casing, preventing collapse and increasing drilling safety.

Crushable foam is supplied in pre-cast half shells that are strapped and bonded to the casing. The installation procedure can be performed at any location.

Let our engineers assist you in selecting the appropriate grades and forms of crushable foam, along with accessories such as adhesives and straps.

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