MPD Testing Facility

Simulating relative well conditions in the field

Before any managed pressure drilling technology leaves our manufacturing facility, you can be assured that every piece of equipment has passed rigorous testing, under real-time well conditions—from design verification through active seal performance in an effort to determine real world longevity. The AFGlobal test rig enables our technicians to prove out simultaneous rotation and reciprocation of the drill string, with a maximum vertical stroke of 10 feet in each direction and rotation up to 160 rpm.  Another unique capability of the test facility is the ability to run testing with actual drilling mud of the customer’s choosing. This functionality facilitates a full suite of tests including simulated drilling, stripping, and bit run testing—the latter far exceeding API 16RCD standards.

We can facilitate all tests with pressures up to 3,000 psi and a large crane structure capable of lifts up to 120,000 lbs with an 80’ hook height. We also possess the ability to test equipment up to 22,500 psi, which we frequently conduct on some of our deep water MPD equipment.

Testing at this level reduces the risks often associated with new technology adoption by enabling our clients to operate subsea systems as they would in the field to benchmark system performance and familiarize the crews with the equipment, ultimately providing optimal value.

Performance of our test protocols enables our clients to define an operating envelope and measure system performance and seal wear prior to going to the field.

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