Our award-winning Active Control Device (ACD) is a step-change in deepwater managed pressure drilling (MPD) systems. The technology was showcased by the Offshore Technology Conference’s 2019 Spotlight on New Technology award program for advanced, innovative technologies, and was recognized by Hart Energy’s prestigious 2019 Meritorious Awards for Engineering Innovation for excellence and achievement in the upstream industry.  Developed specifically for the high-cost marine environment, the ACD system features a novel hydraulically controlled sealing element that allows active condition monitoring and wear compensation control to significantly reduce maintenance costs and rig downtime. Enabling proactive MPD maintenance improves rig efficiency and dramatically cuts the risk of an unplanned failure. The ACD addresses the inherent deficiencies of conventional, passive rotating control devices (RCD) with dual, non-rotating API 16RCD seal sleeve elements. The device eliminates the RCDs bearing assembly for a significant reduction in maintenance and operating costs. ACD active seal sleeve elements are controlled by adjusting the annular packer closing pressure. As the seal wears, the closing force is maintained to ensure the wellbore seal. Pressure change data informs condition-based monitoring.

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