Monitoring and Control

Surface Well Control Methods

Our intelligent monitoring and control capabilities facilitate planning to help the crew make better informed decisions at the well site. Our fit-for-purpose solutions allow drillers to detect pressure events before they escalate into costly well control or non-productive time (NPT) events.

During a kick or loss event, time is critical, and accurate early detection is essential to prevent influx growth and subsequent damage to the well. Using enhanced process knowledge, our early kick and loss detection (EKLD) systems help rig personnel decode well to feedback and take the appropriate action. EKLD is always active during drilling, tripping, completion, and circulating operations, enabling real-time monitoring to avoid potentially dangerous well-control events. EKLD is run by the rig crew and is available as a stand-alone system or as an extension of the MPD system to further enhance MPD event detection.

NControl™ MPD Platform

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